Animation Order Form

If this is your first time ordering, please watch the video.

Animation Form FAQ

1What do I get for $99?
You get an animated video of between 6-8 scenes, with basic home info (Address, sq footage, # beds, # baths, and lot size), a title per scene, and a call out per scene.
2What is a Scene?
A scene consists of a single property picture you submit, which will then be animated with the scene title, and up to 3 call outs.
3What is a Title?
The title is the main description of the scene. Usually it would be something like "Kitchen", "Living Room", "Master Bedroom", etc.
4What is a Call Out?
A call out is the animated item on screen pointing out a specific feature. Each call out has a main title, and an optional subtitle.
5How many Scenes can I have?
You can have between 6 and 15 scenes in a video. A video with 6 scenes will be ~30 seconds, 15 scenes will be ~1:15.
6Why can I only have 3 call outs per scene?
If you try and put more than 3 call outs in a scene, it will become too cluttered and difficult to read.
7Why don't you show the list price of the home?
The price of the home may change over the life of the listing, so its better to not "burn in" something like that. If you are willing to pay for a new video anytime there is a price change, we can accommodate. Contact us for details.
8How long will my video be?
Each scene is ~5 seconds long on screen. This is designed to allow time for the call out animations to build and be on screen long enough to read without lingering too long.

The 6 scene minimum will get you around a 30 second video. Final length is determined by the total number of scenes you upload. if you need a specific length video, please let us know in the special instructions section.
9What is the MLS Hosted Link option?
Many MLS's do not allow you to directly upload a video, or to post a video link from youtube, vimeo, or other major video hosts due to MLS branding rules.

We have worked with the Triangle MLS (TMLS) to create an approved, non-branded page that allows you to host your video, home info, and description.

We build the page for you, and will give you the link to use on your local MLS, or for other marketing purposes.

See the demo here: